Safety Benefits, Inc. - Company Overview

After completing a 21-year career in law enforcement, Doug Kirkus changed careers and went to work as a loss control consultant for Risk Services of South Dakota. RSSD provided loss control and safety services for 2 risk-sharing pools that provided liability and workers’ compensation coverage for local governmental entities in South Dakota.

In 1996, Doug formed Safety Benefits, Inc. Since then SBI has been advising clients on how best to protect employees and customers from injury, protect property from damage and minimize the cost of losses.

After serving in law enforcement, as an EMT and a Deputy County Coroner, Doug had the opportunity to see first hand the devastating effects “accidents” had on individuals, families and businesses. SBI is dedicated to assisting clients in making the workplace as safe as possible for employees and at the same time reducing their exposures for civil liability. Safety is more than just OSHA/MSHA compliance. These standards are designed to be minimum safety standards that companies must meet to protect their workers. SBI works with clients to not only meet the minimum standards but to exceed them by developing a safety culture within the workplace so safety becomes a value within the organization. Employees need to go home healthy at the end of the each workday. “Accidents” are costly. They not only cost your company in medical bills and workers’ compensation premiums, but also cost your company in down time, lost production, possible OSHA fines and decreased employee morale.

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