A Policy Is Not Enough

Too Many organizations are learning the hard way that the actions or inactions of their leaders can create a tremendous liabilit when it comes to workplace harassment. In recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings, the court made it clear that a complany could be held liable for the supervisor's behavior even if they had no knowledge of that behavior.


Through codes of ethics for different cities may emphasize different ethical concerns, new employees viewing this program are introduced to the ethical principles common to all city codes. Through realistic situations, employees learn they are expected to keep confidential city information confidential, that they must never show favoritism, that they must not seek special privileges and must never use city property for personal use.

The Risk Is In the Routine: A New Look at Accident Prevention


21:00 Minutes DVD CIRSAThis 21-minute video uses seven scenarios to show accidents and inuries resultin gfrom very routine situations. These scenarios include inattention while driving, poor housekeeping practices, a back injury to a parks worker due to lifting, a police officer training injury, an injury while dismounting heavy equipment, slipping on a wet pool surface, and a work zone accident. Each scene is revisited by the injured person to reflect what could have been done differently to prevent the accident or injury and avoid potentially life changing effects. This video depicts common employee excuses for unsafe behaviors.

Safety Leadership - A Supervisor's Responsibility


DVD - The Training Network

Preventing Harassment: Creating a Positive Workplace


DVD 21:00 minutes Aurora Pictures Featured are a variety of scenarios where workers exhibit unwelcome behavior to show viewers what types of behavior constitue harassment and how they should respond to such conduct.

The Keys to Effective Supervision


DVD 37:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures SO 3600 You'll learn to develop ethe critical skills you need to be a truly effective leader - communicate with clarity, make effective and timely decisions, recruit, train, motivate and retain a successful workforce!

Accident Investigation for Everyone


DVD - 23:00 Minutes - Aurora Pictures

Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Construction Manager's


DVD 19:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

Hiring Success: A Step-By-Step Guide


Learn skills and techniques that will help you find the candidate most likely to be successful in your organization. Understand the legal issues in hiring, and how to avoid discrimination - especially in the questions you ask. Apply an eight step process that will boost your success in finding the right person for the job. DVD - Kantoa Productions - 25 minutes

Customer Service the Telephone Connection


Telephone customer service can be very challenging, especially because customers can't see you (and you can't see them). That's why you need to focus on specific telephone communication skills. In this video our Hosts explain these skills and more in a comedic and entertaining way that keeps viewer interest while at the same time making the point. DVD - Kantola Productions - 17 minutes

Performance Appraisals: Getting Results


Viewers Learn: The advantages of following a formal process;the importance of fairness and consistency; proper preparation techniques; methods of motivating the top producers; how to deal with under-performers; the value of employee feedback. DVD - Kantola Productions. 18 minutes

Customer Service Counts


This video follows a friendly rivalry between two coworkers, competing to show off their customer service skills. Meeting various challenges along the way, the3ir story shows why customer service counts! DVD - Kantola Productions - 18 minutes

Dealing With Difficult Citizens


DVD - 10 Minutes - Advanced Concept Reserarch Municipal employees will understand and be ready to use the basic techniques that are necessary to successfully calm emotionally charged situations with difficult citizens. This program follows five difficult situations city employees have faced in the past from the beginning of the icident to its successful conclusion and includes explanations of how to assess the situation, how to position yourself, how to interact with the other person, and how to slowly take control of the situation.

Managing High Risk Situation


DVD - American Training Resources - 15:00

How to Communicate with Employees


DVD - 21:00 minutes - Aurora Pictures - Communicating clearly and effectively is probably the most important and perhaps most difficult responsibility of any manager. Learn how to: Deliver praise that motivates your entire staff; offer criticism that challenges employees to improve; delegate important tasks with confidence; help employees solve problems and develop ideas by going beyond the "open door" policy; Prevent misunderstandings by improving your listening skills; proven techniques to promote creative thinking and much more.

Motivating Employees During Change


DVD - 23:00 - Aurora Pictures - This program will show you how to communicate with your employees every stop of the way during organizational change. You'll learn why it's important to how sensitivity and be a sounding board to build trust with your employees. You'll also discover how to: Communicate a clear, consistent message that reinforces the positive aspects of change; keep morale high and reduce complaining once the change is in place; teach employees to overcome fear; enlist "influence agents" to increase acceptance; announce the change in a way that will lower resistance; employ the "BACK" technique to put the change into perspective; Keep the momentum going once the change has begun; motivate employees according to their personalities and monitor how well you're communicating the change

Reasonable Suspicion Testing:


DVD - 25 minutes - JJ Keller & Associates This DVD helps you to comply with requirements of 49 CFR 382.603 (all persons designated to supervise drivers must receive at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and 60 minutes of training on controlled substance use) Help your supervisors gain the knowledge and confidence they need to make reasonable suspicion determinations and covers regulatory requirements regarding reasonable suspicion determination, the reasonable suspicion process (observe, confirm, document, confront and test). How to approach a driver (techniques to use to ease tense situations); How to handle difficult situations when confronting drivers, documenting observed behavior, what happens after testing, the warning signs of alcohol misuse and drug abuse and what you should look for when determining reasonable suspicion, the effects of alcohol and drugs on the body.

Supervisor on the Scene - Communication


DVD - 12 Minutes - DuPont Productions - Classrooms, marriages, the public sector and the workplace - There's no place where we don't seem to need more and better communication. It is a big part of our success in anything, including business and leadership. But why is it so hard? For one thing, there are different kinds of communication and communication techniques have evolved with technology. And when you're the supervisor, it's twice the challenge. Show supervisors four simple principles of effective communication. 1) Plan identifying the message and its purpose 2) Select: Choosing the appropriate means of communication 3) Deliver Dos and don'ts in relaying the message 4) Respond solicit feedback and respond accordingly

Supervisor on the Scene - Training Job Skills


DVD - 12 Minutes - DuPont Productions - A lot of times workers can be passive about training - something they have to receive. Thus, most of the time they just want it to be over with. But if you can make it feel like it's something they have ownership of, it can take on a new light for them. Plus, proper training helps maximize productivity and improve overall performance. Help supervisors conduct a successful training session with this four critical steps: 1) Preparation 2) Presentation 3) Performance Trial 4) follow Through

Supervisor on the Scene - Conflict Resolution


DVD - 12 Minutes - DuPont Productions - Conflict can be an ominous word, but there's really nothing scary about it. Conflict happens anywhere that needs and wants meet resistance. These needs can be as fundamental as staying alive or competing for resources like food in the workplace, they can be as simple as the need for office supplies or as grave as two employees sniping at each other. Either way, supervisors have a big role to play in resolving them. Give supervisors a solid grounding on conflict management with supervisors 1) recognize the conflict identifying the facts and people involved; 2) manage the conflict applying five avenues of resolution 3) resolve the conflict through collaboration or compromise;

Supervisor on the Scene - Coaching for Performance


DVD - 12:00 Minutes - DuPont Productions - From Little League to professional sports, coaches lead their teams, motivating them to perform at their best. This essentially is what supervisors do at work, helping people gain the skills and knowledge to perform a task but how exactly do you coach an employee? Help supervisors make the right play. This DVD shows them how to: 1) Create a positive and productive environment 2) Understand the importance of constructive feedback 3) Follow key guidelines for giving constructive feedback.

Leadership at Every Level


DVD - 24:00 Minutes - Kantola Productions - Imagine if all your good managers became great leaders. When you have leaders at all levels, and not just at the top, productivity climbs and the atmosphere improves throughout your organization. This leadership training video begins by demonstrating four successful management styles: 1) direction 2) influence 3) collaboration 4) delegation. Leaders need to: Take initiative; treat everyone fairly; embrace change; develop their people; admit their mistakes; build community.

Drop By Drop


Who said you shouldn't sweat the small stuff? What if those small things undermined morale and reduced productivity? Drop by Drop, demonstrates how the small slights, subtle discriminations and tiny injustices can add up to big problems in your workplace! Publisher: DVD - Du Pont

The Respectful Supervisor: Motivating and Retaining Employees


Employees equate respect with actions on the part of the supervisor that say, “You are a valued member of this team. How can I help you be successful?” Yet in a recent study, more than half the employees polled did NOT think their bosses showed this type of respect. This video improves employee motivation and retention by teaching supervisors five behaviors that convey the respect workers seek. Publisher: DVD - CRM Learning

The Respectful Supervisor: Integrity and Inclusion


This video helps supervisors see the role they play in creating a harassment- and discrimination-free workplace, reminds supervisors of the opportunities they have to build people up (not tear them down), and encourages supervisors to embrace inclusion and team collaboration, thereby improving bottom-line results Publisher: DVD - CRM Learning

It's Not Working: Workplace Etiquette


This video offers a much-needed refresher on etiquette training; the program stresses the importance of decorum at work, showing how bad manners can affect productivity and damage relationships. Publisher: DVD - Du Pont

Diversity: Respect At Work


This video delivers a powerful lesson to your organization and helps develop a more diversity-friendly culture. It helps employees understand, accept, and value differences. Employees must work together and create a unity that raises productivity and improves the bottom line. Publisher: DVD - Du Pont

Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior for Managers (NEW)


Aurora Pictures - 22 Minutes Fear, anger, frustration, humiliation, helplessness… these feelings shouldn’t be part of anyone’s job description. But they can be common in workplaces where bullying and other disruptive behavior is a problem. Your customers know that this type of behavior interferes with the functioning of a workplace, disturbs and threatens employees and can even affect their health… and that it can also damage a company’s business and reputation. Employees and managers both need to understand bullying and disruptive behavior, and know what to do to prevent it or shut it down. Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior: for Managers and Supervisors focuses on tools and techniques that can be used to raise awareness of the problem in a department, investigate reports of disruptive behavior, and intervene as necessary.

Conflict Resolution in the Office (NEW)


Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Anytime two or more people come together, they will eventually disagree about something. While some conflict can be healthy, it is often an indication that there is something wrong. Conflict is frequently a “call to action”… a problem crying out for a solution. The good news about conflict is that it is usually based on “caring”. The more someone defends their point of view in an argument, the more they care. But if conflict is allowed to fester and grow without a resolution, it can lead to serious problems such as threats and even physical violence. The effectiveness of an entire organization can be harmed if conflict is allowed to escalate. Aurora Pictures - 17 Minutes

Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior for Employees (NEW)


Fear, anger, frustration, humiliation, helplessness… these feelings shouldn’t be part of anyone’s job description. But they can be common in workplaces where bullying and other disruptive behavior is a problem. Your customers know that this type of behavior interferes with the functioning of a workplace, disturbs and threatens employees and can even affect their health… and that it can also damage a company’s business and reputation. Employees and managers both need to understand bullying and disruptive behavior, and know what to do to prevent it or shut it down. Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior: for Employees discusses how to recognize bullies and disruptive people, explains the impact their behavior can have and outlines the steps employees can take to help address these problems. Aurora Pictures - 17 Minutes

Quality Service in the Public Sector (NEW)


See what superb customer service is with this program. Visit a variety of settings and see how service principles apply to each situation. Whatever industry you're in, Quality Service in the Public Sector can boost your employees' customer service skills, so that you can serve, satisfy and keep your customers. Coastal - 24 Minutes

But I Don't Have Customers! (Government Version)(NEW)


In customer service, respectful treatment and meeting the needs of each client has always been stressful. But more and more organizations are learning that this emphasis must include internal customers as well. If your employees respect internal customers, they will carry over this attitude when they deal with your external clients. Know your internal employees and have your staff master the vital techniques to serve them efficiently. By asking questions, listening and keeping their word, your workers can cultivate a positive and more productive working environment. Coastal - 19 Minutes

Harassment Is... (Government Version) (NEW)


Harassment represents one of the most destructive workplace issues faced by public and private employers today. Now more than ever, it's important to train all personnel to recognize the various forms of harassment and eliminate it in your organization! In addition to sexual harassment, there are liability issues based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, age and others. And to have a worker commit one of them can have the law on your company's back. Harassment can manifest in jokes, negative stereotyping, hostile acts or simple thoughtless comments, but the ultimate outcome is the same: legal liability, profound emotional stress, lower employee morale and reduced productivity. Raise awareness regarding this issue and explain the dos and don'ts of creating a respectful work environment for everyone. Coastal - 21 Minutes

Difficult People: How to Deal with Them (NEW)


Hostile customers, unreasonable co-workers, indecisive clientele, vacillating bosses, over-agreeable (but do-nothing) subordinates - You meet them everyday, and dealing with them, can be very stressful. But it does not need to be, as long as you got the tricks to identify, understand and cope. This program, based on the best-selling book Coping with Difficult People by Dr. Robert M. Bramson, examines useful skills in dealing with these so-hard-to-handle people. Coastal - 37 Minutes

A Clear Picture: Harassment In The Public Sector (NEW)


Harassment can cost your organization in legal fees, damaged employee morale and decreased productivity. Effective anti-harassment training is one of the best ways to combat against this negative behavior. A Clear Picture covers the different types of harassment, intention vs. perception, humor in the workplace and more. This program will give your employees a clear picture when it comes to their role in preventing and reporting harassment. Coastal - 20 Minutes

Media Relations: What To Do When The News Is You! (NEW)


This important program will teach your plant managers, supervisors and even line employees about how to handle the media effectively. What information to release Building a good relationship with the media Avoiding negative publicity Coastal - 29 Minutes

Preventing Harassment: Creating a Positive Office (NEW)


Good communication and respect for others creates a beneficial work environment where employees feel safe and productive. When the workplace is disrupted by someone disrespecting one or more co-workers, anger and resentment can destroy morale. Workplace harassment can damage relationship and destroy lines of communication among employees. This safety video discusses various types of workplace harassment and how this unwelcome behavior affects the work environment. It also explains what you should do if you are a victim or observer of disrespectful conduct and how you can avoid having your own behavior interpreted as harassment. Featured are a variety of scenarios where workers exhibit unwelcome behavior to show viewers what types of behavior constitute harassment and how they should respond to such conduct. Aurora Pictures - 21 Minutes

Harassment: Sex, Religion and Beyond - Employee Version (NEW)


Topics Covered Include: Bullying Social Media Race, Religion & Ethnicity Diversity Compliments Hostile Work Environment Harassment Quid-Pro-Quo Kantola - 45 Minutes

We're All Different (NEW)


roductivity is the name of the game these days, and most organizations can't afford to let that productivity get slowed by the problems that can easily develop in today’s multicultural workforce. Under pressure to get the job done better, cheaper and faster, it can be difficult for your employees to keep up. The challenge of getting along in a diverse work environment, with people of different backgrounds and cultures, can be the source of added anxiety – and the result can be a real pressure cooker. This diversity training video helps relieve the pressure. Fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding, the video will help you create a workplace that is accepting and respectful of the differences seen in others, while encouraging your employees to see the unique values in each of their coworkers. Kantola - 14 Minutes

Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond - Manager Version (NEW)


Managers need to understand more than the basic rights and wrongs surrounding workplace harassment. They also need a healthy dose of empathy—one that helps them appreciate not only the business implications of maintaining a respectful workplace, but the emotional aspects as well. With top-quality video vignettes our award-winning harassment training video brings this message to life, showing that bad behavior is not OK—whether it applies to sex, religion, or anything beyond…and whether it actually crosses the line into illegal harassment or not. Kantola - 24 Minutes

Quid Pro Quo: When People with Power Make Demands (NEW)


Quid Pro Quo harassment means this for that. It’s the worst kind of harassment — when an employee’s job or future depends on meeting demands for sexual favors. This program does not pull punches. It states what we all know but tend to gloss over – that it’s people with power who are the problem. For the first time ever, Kantola has brought together our three strongest quid pro quo stories as one program: the campus athletic director, the important client and the supervisor on the factory floor. Kantola - 11 Minutes

Diversity Inclusion for Managers (NEW)


Creating an inclusive environment in the workplace can be a challenge. Employees sometimes clash and don’t work together as well as they should, even when they come from the same background. Add differences to the mix and this friction can get even worse, damaging teamwork and hurting the productivity of the group as a whole. Fortunately, there are specific skills that can help us smooth workplace interactions and resolve issues that might come up, whether they involve ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or anything else that makes people feel different. Kantola - 20 Minutes

It's About Respect II


From offensive jokes and name-calling, to intimidation and physical assault.? Harassment can take a variety of forms.? Knowing how to identify harassment and what to do when you experience, or witness it, can help ensure the people in your workplace get the respect they deserve. Help ensure that everyone in your workplace receives the level of respect he or she deserves. By being aware and caring for others, we can stop harassment.

Drop By Drop: Unconscious Bias


Who said you shouldn't sweat the small stuff? What if those small things undermined morale and reduced productivity??Drop by Drop, demonstrates how the small slights, subtle discrimination and tiny injustices can add up to big problems in your workplace! These little negative gestures are called "micro-inequities" and they occur in organizations every day. These small communications or disrespect, prejudice and inequality aren't overt, but they can be incredibly destructive. A poison in the workplace that isn't delivered in a bucket, but takes its toll drop by drop.