Confined Space Entry


This program will help employees identify hidden risks when entering a confined space.

Fire Extinguishers: How & When


This program stresses to viewers the importance of making the right decisions when a workplace fire breaks out. Publisher: ATR

Personal Protective Equipment

This program will help you analyze and adjust jobs to make them safe and train employees to understand how to work in ways that protect them from injury.
Publisher: Blue Prints

Lockout/Tagout: Lightning in a Bottle

Fatal injuries have occurred in workplaces when hazardous energy was released and lockout/tagout procedures weren't in place. This valuable program explains how lockout/tagout controls hazardous energy with important details on OSHA's lockout/tagout standard.

Ladder Safety: A Practical Approach

DVD - This DVD includes topics on selecting the correct ladder, transporting ladders properly, setting up ladders on uneven and unstable surfaces, placing ladders against round objects, standing and working on ladders safely and use of multi-function ladders.
Publisher: ATR

Elevated Work Platform Safety

DVD - ThiS DVD includes topics on operator training and authorization, factors that affect stability, pre-operational inspection, testing of functions and controls, safe driving procedures, use of harnesses and lanyards and avoiding falls from platforms.
Publisher: ATR

BBP Know the Risk

DVD - Complies with annual training requirements and teaches all empoyees common sense guidelines to protect themselves from the serious threat of bloodborne disease in the workplace. Inclues: Risk of exposure, HIV, Hepatitiis B and C, Transmisson of blood diseases, minimizing risk, housekeeping and proper waste disposal.
Publisher: Coastal

CSE Inside Maneuvers

Every year more than one-and-a-half million people work in a confined space such as a tank, vault, pit, sewer or storage bin. Since confined space work is so dangerous, a team approach is required. Every confined space crew member needs to know and follow set procedure to keep all member working safely. This program will: Identiry confined spaces, evaluate confined space for hazards, and establish permit and protection procedures for entering any confined space that poses a hazard.
Publisher: Poastal

Slips Trips & Falls Taking the Right Step


Slips, trips and falls are a major cause of injuries both at work and at home. They can happen anywhere- in the plant, on the shop floor, out in the field, in the office or on your front stairs at home. Some injuries are minor, but others involve broken bones, serious back injuries, heat trauma and even death. The good news is preventing slips, trips and falls is not difficult. It takesa combination of being aware of your surroundings, practicing good housekeeping and using equipment properly.
Publisher: Coastal

Fall Arrest Systems

DVD - Whether you use a personal fall arrest system every day or only once in your life, this is for certain, the system won't do any good unless it is properly used. The basics of the ABC's of the fall arrest system: Anchor point, Body Harness and Connecting Device. How the 3 components of a personal fall arrest work together to prevent injuries and death. How to properly select, inspect and use fall prevention equipment.

PPE: The Right Choice

DVD This video features actual industrial workers who describe the impact of their decisions regarding the use of PPE. The point of these testimonials is to show viewers that they wear the protective equipment that is required in their work areas or risk suffering tragic injuries. Topics include hard hards, eye protection, earplugs and earmuffs, hand protection and safety footwear.
Publisher: ATR

The Respiratory Protection Program: Employee Version

Exposure to hazardous chemicals in the form of dusts, fumes, mists and gases may cause lung damage, cancer and other serious ailments to vital organs and the central nervous system. To protect you from these adverse health effects, your company has established a written respiratory protection program in accordance with OSHA's Respiratoary Protection Standard. This program outlines the measures taken by your employer to ensure the health and safety of of your respiratory system. This video shows employees how this plan works to protect them from respiratory hazards.
Publisher: ATR

Do it for Me

In this unique safety presentation, we witness children using common excuses not to wear safety gear: "It's uncomfortable," Don't worry, nothing will happen to me, etc.
Publisher: ATR

MSDS Read It Before You Need It

The more you know about the materials you work with, the more you can protect yourself from their dangers. One way to understand these materials is to read their Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDSs. These information sheets tell you about a material's components, its dangers, and how to work with it safely.

ARC Flash Safety Awareness

When you work with electricity, a normal workday can become the last day of your life. This DVD is designed to help you understand and manage electrical hazards at work. By understanding the hazards of electrictiy and how to control them, you can stay safe... and get the job done efficiently and professionally.
Publisher: General Safety

Powered Hand Tool Safety

When you work with power tools, you don't set out to be careless. No one does. Yet the power tolls cause many accidents at work and at home. This DVD discusses the three rules of power tool safety: Avoid, Protect, Defend. It also examines basic do's and don'ts for the pwoer tools you're likely to use most often.
Publisher: Coastal

Compressed Gas Safety Awareness

Consider some ways we use compressed gas: Portable breathing systems, Acetylene torches on construction sites, Fuel systems for industrial trucks and aboard nuclear submarines, Ethylene oxide sterilizing system, Manufacturing and processing plants.. For safety, clear labeling is required by the US Dept of Transportation (DOT), the Occupational Safety and Health Admnistration (OSHA) and the Compressed Gas Association (CGA). Pressurized gases are classified acording to chemical and physical hazards. Before working with any compressed gas, make sure you know what's in the cylinder and safe procedures for its use.
Publisher: Coastal

Fall Protection - The Right Connection

With your safety in mind, OSHA designed a regulation that protects you when you work four or more feet off the ground. This handbook is designed to give you information about your safety when you work at height. That's why it's important to: Identiry fall hazards, Wear the proper fall protection equipment, Know the basics of your workplace rescue plan. All these elements together help minimize your risk as you get the job done safely. This DVD examines: Fall protection equipment, Proper use and mainteance of your equipment, Rescue from heights.
Publisher: Coastal

Winter Safety

Unlike many workplace and recreational hazards, winter hazards cannot be avoided. Each year winter comes, and people who work or play outdoors are exposed to the two most common hazards of the season: Hypothermia and frostbite. This DVD will help you avoid losing fingers and toes to frostbite or risking your life to hypothermia. It will also prepare you to help any victims of these conditions.
Publisher: Coastal

Cave-In! Trenching & Shoring Safety

Working in trenches can be dangerous. When excavation sites are unsafe, workers risk injury or death. Protect yourself by learning more about trench soil, trench protective system, atmospheric hazards and safety practices for excavation work.
Publisher: Coastal

Transporting Construction Equipment


Addresses correct loading, i.e. - down, transport and unloading of different types of heavy equipment on all types of trailers including tag-along, detachable goose necks, beaver tail and fixed neck lowboys. Publisher: Vista

Fall Protection - Prep/App/Safety

Types of hazards; Different types of protection and Rescue Plan.
Publisher: Wumbus

Confined Space Entry - Keeping Public Employees Safe

This program will help you learn: How to understand permit spaces and their hazards; the OSHA permit space requirements; how an entry permit can keep you safe while you work in confined spaces; the training and duties ofa confined space entry team.
Publisher: Coastal

Hazard Communication for Public Employees

It's safe to be informed, especially on dangerous chemicals. This important training program will provide your employees with elementary knowledge of these substances: what they are and how to work with them safely. With this resource, you can comply with OSHA standard 1910.1200 and keep all your workers safe.
Publisher: Coastal

Hazard Communication Training for Employees

This program explains how emplloyees work safely with chemicals by understanding the key elements of your organization's Hazard Communication Program. In our jobs, we may work with chemicals that are hazardous, but we don't have to place ourselves in danger. When armed with proper training and access to a chemical's hazard information, each of us has the ability to work with or handle these chemicals in a safe manner.
Publisher: ERI

Stored Energy: The Hidden Hazard

This program is designed to raise viewer's awareness about common stored energy hazards found in facilities such as warehouses, receiving areas, bulk storage areas and maintenance areas. The video explains that electrical and mechanical stored energy are commonly encountered in the work place. There are OSHA regulations, such as Lockout/Tagout that address hazards related to electrical and mechanical stored energy. However there is another, less well known type of stored energy related to the sheer weight of things in our workplaces, such as loaded pallets, heavy equipment, and bulk material such as grain, salt or animal feed. Type type of stored energy is also called potential energy. Another type of stored energy is call "elastic stored energy" which can be found in ropes and cables used to move heavy objects or equipment. Potential energy and elastic stored energy hazards are a source of a variety of serious injuries and fatalities.
Publisher: American Training Resources

Working Safety with Hand and Power Tools

Because simple hand and power tools are commonly used for many basic tasks, we often fail to consider the dangers associated with using them improperly or in an unsafe manner. For example, the improper use of a simple screwdriver results in over 100 deaths a year. Fortunately, most injuires involving tools can be avoided when we keep them in good working condition and use them properly.
Publisher: American Training Resources

Fire Extinguishers Your Pass to Safety

Fire seems like a simple thing, but it's actually a complex chemical reaction requiring four things before it can happen. Knowing those four things is essential to being able to fight a fire; if you can manage to get rid of any one of those four things, the fire goes out.
Publisher: Coastal

Compressed Air Safety

Compressed air is second only to electricity as the most popular source of energy in today's advanced work environments. It powers a wide variety of tools and equipment as well as large machines and process lines. Just like electricity however compressed air can be deadly if not treated with respect and used properly.
Publisher: American Training Resources

BBP Just the Facts


Hazards that lurk in your workplace are so small, hundreds of thousands could gather on the head of a pin. They're called bloodborne pathogens, or BBPs - microorganisms in your blood that can cause diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus or HIV.

Junkyard Guards

This unique training product presents a contest between two teams of mining industry mechanics and fabricators whose challenge is to construct effective machine guarding from scrap metal and other old left-over parts from the mine site.

Trenching & Excavation Safety: The Scott May Story - 4687

Trenching and excavation work - it's the starting point of most construction projects.

ARC Flash: Live to Tell

Did you know that in the extreme tempertures of an arc flash metal vaporizes?

Respirator Safety: Public Knowledge

Give your employees a comprehensive look at the different types of respirators and how each protects against specific hazards.

Bloodborne Pathogens: Protecting Law Enforcement

Provide your law enforcement personnel with the facts on bloodborne pathogens they need to stay safe on the job and meet annual training requirements with this high-impact training program.

Bucket Truck Extending your Safety


Hazards associated with Bucket Trucks: Daily Safety Inpections, Worksite Inspections, Fall Hazards, Tip Overs, Collisions and Electrical Hazards

Motor Grader Series


Motor Grader New Construction, Road Maintenance, Snow Plowing and Operating Tips on one DVD. DVD - Publisher - VISTA

On Again Off Again


This video helps to reduce or prevent workers' compensation claims by training people how to correctly mount and dismount equipment. DVD - Publisher - VISTA

Fire Extinguisher Basic Training


Workplace fires can happen at any time. That's why it's important to know what to do when a fire starts--know when and how to fight it and when not to. This program will provide viewers with the basic information they need to react safely in a potentially dangerous situation involving a fire. DVD- Publisher: American Training Resourcese

Hearing Conservation: Training for Employees


Because hearing loss can be gradual, happening over a long period of time, we often don't recognize it's happening until it's too late. This program explains how your facility's hearing conservation program protects employees from the harmful effects of noise exposure.

Construction Safety Orientation


With over 25 years of experience as a construction safety professional, Bob Synnett is dedicated to teaching new and inexperienced workers how to stay safe on the job. Bob stresses that construction work is dangerous and that each person is responsible for his or her own safety on the jobsite. DVD - Publisher: American Training Resources

Occupational Disease Prevention for Firefighters


DVD Publisher: CIRSA

Preparing Yourself for DOG Encounters


This DVD presents, in detail, the most accurate information on preventing dog bites. It features unscripted, real dog encounters with untrained dogs, and also highlights trained dogs in a controlled situation in order to demonstrate how to react to an encounter. It's a must for all those who encounter dogs as part of their employment. It will give you confidence by reading a dogs body language and options to utilize before either striking a dog or using lethal force. Publisher: First Class Dog Training

Personal Protective Equipment Reality in the Public Sector


This DVD acknowledges that people have different reasons for not wanting to wear PPE. The program makes it clear that wearing PPE reduces or eliminates injuries. Publisher: Coastal

Confined Space Entry Plan and Prepare


DVD - Dupont Every year needless injuries and fatalities occur in confined spaces. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly 100 people die every year in confined space incidents. Sixty-five percent of these occurrences involve atmospheric contamination. What's even more alarming is that two-thirds of all deaths related to confined space rescue situations happen to the person attempting the rescue. Sometimes these confined spaces seem safe or even harmless. But looks can be deceivingn. That's why you must understand what a confined space is, the hazards that are associated with it and the procedures to maintain your safety and the safety of those around you.

Confined Space Ventilation


DVD Dupont - Any time you enter a confined space to perform work, it's dangerous. Thare are risks that need to be accounted for to maximize safety and minimize danger. The biggest potential hazard is one that is usually invisible and almost always odorless. It's the very air inside the confined space. It may look harmless but what may appear as safe, clean air may actually be oxygen deficient, filled with toxins or flammable gases or both. The atmosphere of any confined space must be thoroughly tested before entering. And once hazards are found, a ventilation system must be implemented to ensure that all those who are entering the space have a safe and breathable atmosphere. This presentation explains mechanical ventilation, why it is necessary, when it is necessary and how to ventilate safely and effectively.

Fire Safety For Industrial Workers


18:00 Minutes DVD - American Training Resources Due to the hazardous and flammable materials often used or stored at industrial facilities, fires at these locations can have disastrous consequences. In fact, 3000 workes are injuried and another 150 die each year in industrial fires. The good news is that almost all workplace fires can be prevented. That's the purpose of this program: to show the safe work practices employees should follow to reduce teh risk of a workplace fire and to review things that should be done if a fire should break out.

Skid Steer Safe Operating Techniques


DVD - VISTA A small but very dangerous machine. Learn safe operation. Blind spots and backing. Weather (mud/snow) Safe hauling (terrain and slopes) Ten tips from experienced operators

Hand Held Cutoff Saws


17 Minutes - DVD VISTA - One of the most common job-site tools is the gas powered cut-off saw. Few saw users have had any training in correct use of gas powered saws. This video can provide safety dividents that will provide a lifetime of paybacks.

Take Time for Safety


DVD 16 Minutes - American Training Resouces In this program, workers learn the very real hazards associated with rushing and being in a hurry. Through various examples, viewers will learn to recognize the symptoms of becoming rushed; why "hurried working" is so dangerous and what steps they can take to stay safe.

Fall Factors: Understanding and Preventing Slips Trips and Falls


DVD - 19 minutes - American Training Resources By understanding how "fall Factors" such as balance, gravity, friction and momentum contribute to these incidents; we can take preventative measures to prevent falls. That's the purpose of this prevent fall-related incidents by providing viewers with an understanding of the factors involved in every fall as well as the common hazards and unsafe actions that make a fall much more likely.

Cut-Off Machine Safety, Maintenance & Operation


STIHL DVD Cut-Off Machine Safety, Maintenance & Operation Approximately 45:00 minutes

Chain Saw Safety, Maintenance & Operation


STIHL DVD Chain Saw Safety, Maintenance & Operation 63:00 Minutes

Hazcom and the Global Harmonizing System


DVD 23:00 minutes Aurora Pictures - GS10500 Topics include the written Hazard Communications plan, physical and health hazard classes, pictorgrams, signal words and other information found on GHS container labels and the 16 sections of a Safety Data Sheet.

Protecting our Sight


DVD 19:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures GS10600 Topics include how the vision porcess works, types of eye injuries, employee responsibility to wear appropriate protection, use of safety glasses, safety goggles and face shields and eye protection required for welding and laser operations. Reducing lens fogging, cleaning and storage of protective devices, off-job safegaurds and proper response to eye injuries are also reviewed in the program.

Surviving the Fall


DVD 20:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures GS10700 Topics include selecting an anchor point, inspecting the harness and lanyard, proper calculations of fall distrance, specialized connection devices and the pros and cons of lanyards vs. retractable lifelines.

Fire Extinguishers: How and When to Use Them (Refresher)


DVD 11:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures GS10800 Topics of the video include the fire triangle, incipent stage fires, classes of fires and the extinguishers ued to put them out, the PASS system, when not to fight a fire, types of fire extinguishers and how to identify them, maintenance of fire extinguishers and emergency evacuation.

Forlift Operator Training


DVD 18:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures GS10900 Accidents can be prevented when operators know, understand and folllow all safe work procedures.

Soil Classification


DVD 22:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures GS11000 Topics included in this safety video are: competent person, inspections, soil classifciation and manual testing.

Chainsaw Accident: The Consequences


DVD 12:00 Minutes The Training Network

Fire Safety for Office Workers Refresher


DVD 14:00 Aurora Pictures

GHS Container Labeling in Construction Environments


DVD 12:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets


DVD 26:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

GHS Safety Data Sheets


DVD 16:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

Safety's Top 10 Causes of Workplace Injuries


DVD 21:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

Scissor Lifts: Safe Operation


DVD 10:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

Shattered: The Jeff Walters Story (Refresher)


DVD 10:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

Take Time for Safety Refresher


DVD 10:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

The New Supervisor Skills for Success


DVD 48:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

What Would You Say?


DVD 17:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

Bloodborne Pathogens: Just the Facts


DVD - Coastal Videos - 14:00 Minutes

I Can't Get No Traction


4:00 Minutes - DVD - Aurora Pictues

Office Injury Prevention


18:00 Minutes - DVD - American Training Videos

Move It Safely: Avoiding Injury While Moving Materials


20:00 Minutes - DVD - American Training Videos

Survive Inside: Employee Safety in Confined Spaces


DVD - 20:00 minutes - American Tranining Resources

Lockout Tagout Mobile Construction Equipment


DVD - Vista Training - 25:00 Minutes

Emergency Preparedness & Response


While they may be rare, fires, severe weather, chemical spills or exposures, severe injuries, medical emergencies, workplace violence and other emergency situations often occur without warning. Employees have the responsibility to be prepared and know how to respond should such an emergency occur at their workplace. Knowing the proper procedures to follow during an emergency culd mean the difference between life and deather. The purpose of this program is to familiarize viewers with basic emergency response practices that will help them be prepared for and respond to a crisis or an emergency. DVD- Aurora Pictures - 22 minutes

Back to Work, Back to Safety Refresher


Distration, falling out of routine, reporting for work exhausted, forgetting about common hazards, not being aware of workplace changes, frustration, poof job planning and organization, depression and mood swings are all common contributors to workplace incidents after spending time away from work. This program explains and illustrates each of these issues through a series of examples, testimonials and incident reenactments. Viewers will learn many valuable safety issues about the pitfalls workers experience when they return from vacation, extended illness or other absence. DVD - Aurora Pictures - 10 minutes

Electrical Safety for Everyone


Electricity is essential to our everyday life. Many workers don't understand the dangers of electricity and don't follow safe work practices when working with or around electricity or electrical equipemnt. All workers should know and practice basic electrical safety: How electricity works and why it is dangerous; how resistance relates to the flow of electricity and Ohm's law; What the two concepts of electrical safety are; how employees can't avoid contacting energized conductors; how grounding, double-insulated tools and GFCI's protect workers from electric shock; how to respond to a shock event. DVD - American Training Resources - 21 minutes

Bloodborne Pathogens Workplace Awareness


While not transmitted through casual contact, bloodborne pathogens present a risk in just about any workplace. This video explains how bloodborne diseases are spread, how to minimize the risk of exposure and emergency procedures to take if an unforunate exposure incident were to occur. DVD - Aurora Pictures - 17 minutes

Front End Loader Safety


Front-end loaders come in all sizes which include track loaders, skid steer, backhow loaders and tractor loaders. Loaders are often misused by stretching the lifting capacity and failure to follow safety procedures. Only fully trained and authorized persons should operate a front-end loader. For your personal safety, operators shoudl wear proctection such as hearing protection, hard hats, safety eyeglasses, gloves and high visibility vests. This program deals with rearward rollovers, rollover prevention, run-over accidents, articulated four-wheel driver loaders and more. DVD - Digital-2000 15 minutes.

Ladder Safety


Ladders are a pretty common and useful fixture both on and off the job. Most of us have probably used one or more types of ladders in our lifetime and you may feel familiar with and comfortable working with ladders, but there's more to workign safely with ladders than just setting one up and climbing it. Selecting the right ladder for the job; inspecting ladders; transporting and setting up ladders; ascending and descending ladders with a "3 points of contact"; working on ladders safely with a "belt buckle rule"; additional safety tips when using ladders. DVD - American Training Resources - 17 minutes

Slips, Trips, & Falls - Keeping Your Workplace Safe


Slips, trips and falls are among the leading causes of disabling accidents in the workplace. Yet the vast majority of these injuries can be prevented with a commitment to certain basic but very important principles. These principles state with awareness: reminding employees simply to pay more attention and consider the consequences if they don't. But there's more to it than that. This video shows specific procedures that can raise safety awareness throughout your orgranization and help present accidents. Points covred: Obstructions in walkways' spills and slippery surfaces; winter weather hazards; placement of warning signs and mats; staircase safety; proper use of ladders. DVD - Kantola Productions - 21 minutes.

Slips Trips and Falls - Taking the Right Steps


DVD - 16 minutes - Coastal Slips Trips & Falls are the major cause of injuries both at work and at home. They can happen anywhere - in the plant, on the shop floor, out in the field, in the office or on your front stairs at home. Some injuries are minor, but others involve broken bones, serious back injuries, head trauma and even death. The good news is, preventing slips, trips and falls is not difficult. It takes a combination of being aware of your surroundsings, practicing good housekeeping and using equipment properly.

Creating Safety in Welding Operations


DVD - 19:00 Minutes - American Training Resources - Welders take pride in their work...after all, their welds are visible for all to see. To avoid injury, welders must also take pride in their safety and make sure safety is also visible for all to see. Every day, welders are confronted with many hazards that can cause serious injury and property damage. Hot metal, intense light, noxious fumes and heavy equipment are only a few potential dangers these employees can encounter. It is imperative that workers who weld be able to recognize all the hazards of their jobs and know how to control or eliminate them.

Hearing Conservation & You


DVD - 20:00 minutes - American Training Resources - Follow along as Steve, Jerry and a group of co-workers receive their annual training on hearing conservation. Steve doesn't take the issue of hearing loss seriously and continually disregards the need for hearing protection at home and at work. As time passes, Steve develops the symptoms of hearing loss due to his poor choices regarding hearing protection. Watching the example of Steve's poor attitude and subsequent hearing loss will convince your employees to protect their hearing at home and at work.

Who Cares?


DVD 21 minutes - Coastal - A customer once said that "Customer Service just isn't what it used to be" Prove them wrong with this amazing customer service program. It will help you and your staff beef up your service e system with four simple yet critical cornerstones of excellent customer service. Gain an advantage over your competitors by showing your customer that you Do Care. 1) Greet the customer 2) Respect the customer 3) Listen to the customer and 4) Really help the customer. Who Cares? We do and so do you!

Safety Data Sheets - The Information Connection


DVD - 17 minutes - DuPont Productions - Guessing the safest way to work with or around a chemical can be very dangerous. If you don't know how to handle a substance properly, you could end up with chemical burns, breathing problems, fires or even explosions, instead of guessing, employees should use the Safety Data Sheets or SDS. This DVD covers each of the sixteen sections of the standardized SDS and how to obtain the pertinent information employees need when they need it.

Personal Fall Protection Your Lifelines


DVD - 14 minutes - DuPont Productions - Falls are the leading cause of death in many industries. Almost half of all fatal falls happen to workers within their first six months on the job and a quarter of them happen on small jobs including 12 or fewer employees. The surface an individual falls from doesn't even have to be very high to cause a serious injury, half of the fall-related deaths are from heights of less than 25 feet. This is why workers, especially those working in industries with high rates of injuries should be educated on proper fall protection.

Slips, Trips and Falls - Split Second Safety


DVD 18 minutes - DuPont Productions - Shows that STF hurt companies with tens of billions of dollars in medical costs. Eighty percent of workers who trip and fall on the stairs will suffer long-term injuries like brain damage and paralysis. And Fatal falls due to slips and trips kill over seven hundred workers each year. Slips Trips and Falls Split Second Safety reminds employees that a split second lapse of awareness can lead to a life-long injury.

Four Generations The Greatest Potential


DVD 21 Minutes - DuPont Productions - What four generations in today's workplace, differences in attitudes, values and communication can create misunderstandings and tripper conflicts that reduce morale, teamwork, and productivity. But these differences do not have to be barriers to a bigger bottom line. 1) Understand and sympathize with colleagues from a different generation 2) Reduce and resolve conflicts and communication problems 3) Facilitate better teamwork and increase productivity 4) Recognize and respect each other's value and input.

Confined Spaces Maintenance Activities Entry Team Training


DVD 27 minutes JJ Keller & Associates - Helps you comply with OSHA's permit-required confined spaces training requirements - Addresses initial and refresher training requirements for the core members of entry team. 1) authorized entrants 2) Attendants 3) Entry supervisors. Covers general aspects of working safely in permit-required confined spaces with ensuing compliance with the training requirements of the 1910.146 regulation and covers a variety of spaces safety and compliance topics.

Safety Audits


DVD 14 Minutes - The Training Network - Topics covered 1) A workplace analysis 2) Administrative and Engineering controls 3) Personal protective equipment 4) Emergency response procedures 5) regulatory compliance, safety & health training 5) accident investigation and 6) a safety self-assessment and more!

To the Point About the Proper Use of a Fire Extinguisher


DVD 11 minutes The Training Network - Our workplace is full of hazards, hazards that can hurt us or kill us. Controlling these hazards and preventing injuries is the point of a Company's safety and health program. One such hazard is the risk of work materials, equipment and other objects catching on fire. Using a fir extinguisher properly to put out a fire can prevent injuries and save lives. That is the point of training your employees in the proper use of fire extinguishers. So pay close attention as we "get to the point" about the proper use of fire extinguishers.

To the Point about Preventing Slips Trips and Falls


DVD - 11 minutes - The Training Network - Our workplace is full of hazards, hazard that can hurt us or kill us. Controlling these hazards and preventing injuries is the point of a Company's safety and health program. Workplace falls are a leading cause of injury and even a small fall can have very serious consequences. Identifying and correcting fall hazards combined with paying close attention to our paths of travel can prevent these injuries and save lives.

Confined Space Entry: A Deadly Situation


DVD - 20 Minutes - The Training Network - Working in spaces such as manholes, tanks, ducts and pits is just a part of the job for the workers in many industries. No matter how familiar employees may be with a space, there will always be risks. The hazards of a confined space can be deadly. However, careful planning, the right equipment and thorough training will decrease the hazards inside confined spaces.

Safety Committees: The Real Story


DVD - 10 minutes - The Training Network - When a safety committee is properly formed, supported, and budgeted, they can be an invaluable benefit to a company's overall safety program. It is important to understand the reasons why safety committees do not function as well as expected or, in some cases, simply disband. This training program covers the assignments and responsibilities of safety committee members and helps employees and management understand why they may not achieve the expected results and how to improve their overall effectiveness. Topics covered: Why Safety Committees often fail; What should a Safety Committee be responsible for; and Setting realistic, defined Safety Committee Goals.

Confined Space - Atmospheric Testing


DVD 18.50 Minutes - Coastal DuPont You may be able to go several hours or even days without food or water, but you can't go more than a minute or two without clean air! When it comes to potentially hazardous atmospheres, you can't trust your nose or your eyes. Your atmospheric testing equipment and procedures are your best of defense before entering any confined space.

Personal Protective Equipment


DVD - 26:00 - JJ Keller There's no avoiding it. Workplaces can be dangerous and they're often filled with potential hazards that you're exposed to on a daily basis. Some hazards, like falling or flying objects, are easy to identify, while others, such as odorless air contaminants that could harm your respiratory system, are not. To ensure your protection, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires your employer to assess your workplace and eliminate or reduce the hazards and dangers that you face when performing your job. For any hazards that remain, your employer will provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to you and then train you how to properly fit, wear, and care for it so it keeps you safe.

I2P2 Injury and Illness Prevention Programs


20:00 Minute DVD Aurora Pictures Every day 12 workers die on the job and more than 10,000 workers suffer serious job-related injuries. But the real tragedy is that most of these incidents could be prevented. Employers and employees can work together to find and fix the hazards in their workplace, before people get sick, injured or even killed. The process begins when a company decides to strengthen its safety culture by adopting an Injury and Illness Prevention Program known with OSHA as I2P2. I2P2: Injury and Illness Prevention safety video provide employees with important information on how this organized approach to workplace safety can significantly reduce accidents and injuries, and how the workers themselves can play a major role in making the program work.

What's Wrong With This Picture? Hazard Communication & GHS


19:00 minute DVD - Aurora Pictures This safety video holds the viewer's attention while providing the essential training and information needed to work safely with chemicals. The video presents a thorough and entertaining presentation of the Hazard Communication Standard and GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals). Interesting examples and demonstrations help the views understand the importance of information available to them on Labels, Pictograms, Safety Data Sheets and their company's Written Hazard Communication Plan. Correct and incorrect chemical safety procedures are re-enacted in a wide variety of work settings. Customize your training with the ability to play the entire video or only the Label segment or SDS segment.

Bloodborne Pathogens General Awareness


DVD - Aurora Pictures - 11:00 minutes Bloodborne pathogens are dangerous micro-organisms that can cause disease in humans. These micro-organisms are carried in the blood stream and other bodily fluids. This video provides general awareness training for all employees on the dangers of bloodborne pathogens, how to protect yourself from them and ways to minimize the risk of transmission.

Safety Matters: Fire Safety


This video covers important safety matters like how fires start, how to prevent them, and how to fight a fire if you ever find yourself face-to-face with the flames. Knowing the warning signs and preventative measures are essential to protecting the workplace and lives. Publisher: DVD - Du Pont

Safety Matters: Slips, Trips and Falls


Slips, trips and falls make up a quarter of the injuries reported in the workplace. This video helps increase your employees’ knowledge and awareness on causes of slips, trips and falls (STFs). It also describes organizational and individual steps you can take to reduce and prevent STFs and make your workplace a safer environment. Publisher: DVD - Du Pont

Safety Matters: Security At Work


Every organization is susceptible to threats that can range from technological ones to bomb scares to intruders. This video builds awareness about facility security. It discusses various types of threats and proactive measures you can take to prevent them. It also outlines how to act in case one is faced with a threat in the facility. Publisher: DVD - Du Pont

Safety Matters: Strains and Sprains


Most people will experience strains and sprains. Avoiding risky behavior and engaging in safe work practices are ways to actively sidestep the pain from these all too common injuries. This video helps increase employees’ knowledge of strains and sprains, their differences and how to treat them. Publisher: DVD - Du Pont

About Fire Prevention & Response


This video discusses how workers can prevent fires and how they should respond should one occur. Topics include classes of fire, good housekeeping, storage of flammable materials, hot work precautions and responding to fires. Publisher: DVD - Aurora Pictures

Safety In The Office


Designed to raise awareness of safety hazards in an office environment. This safety video focuses on the most common hazards found in an office. Topics include basic ergonomics, ladders, office equipment, slips and falls, safe lifting and fire prevention. Publisher: DVD - Aurora Pictures

Emergency Planning


This video covers topics such as the emergency planning process, the threat of terrorism, your role in emergency planning, and emergency action drills. Publisher: DVD - Aurora Pictures

About Personal Protective Equipment


This program reviews the basic types of personal protective equipment and how to wear it to prevent injuries. Topics include hard hats, hearing protection, eye and face protection, gloves and foot protection.

Hazard Recognition


This video discusses various types of hazards and unsafe acts, explain the policies and procedures used in the hazard recognition process, and provide employees with the information they need to help make their facility a safer place to work. Publisher: DVD - Aurora Pictures

Operating Aerial Work Platforms Safely


This program discusses some of the common hazards that aerial work platform operators must consider when using this equipment, as well as the safe work practices and operating techniques that must be followed to ensure everyone's safety during the use of an aerial work platform. Publisher: DVD - Aurora Pictures

Ladder Safety


Over 300 people are killed every year and 165,000 are injured while using ladders. This safety video will help keep you and your employees safe while using ladders. Topics include selecting the right ladder, inspecting ladders, transporting and setting up ladders, working on ladders and ascending and descending ladders safely Publisher: DVD - Aurora Pictures

Confined Space Entry: A Deadly Situation


Working in spaces such as manholes, tanks, ducts and pits is just a part of the job for the workers in many industries. No matter how familiar employees may be with a space, there will always be risks. The hazards in a confined space can be deadly. However, careful planning, the right equipment and thorough training will decrease the hazards inside confined spaces Publisher: DVD - Training Network

To The Point About: Confined Space Entry


Our workplace is full of hazards. One such hazard is the conditions that exist inside confined spaces such as manholes, tanks, vessels, pits and similar areas. Controlling access to confined spaces and the hazards they contain can prevent injuries and safe lives. Topics covered include confined space entry permit, atmospheric hazards, atmospheric testing and monitoring and the duties of the entry supervisor, the attendant and the entrants. Publisher: DVD - Training Network

Confined Space for Construction


OSHA’s new rule on confined spaces in construction is in full effect as of October 2, 2015. This training video covers the changes in this rule. Construction and general industry employees both need to know about confined space entry rules and how the old and new standards relate to each other. Make sure your team stays safe in confined spaces, and keep compliant with the new OSHA regulation

New Hire Safety Essentials Concise


DVD - Aurora Pictures - 9:00 All employees should be aware that their workplace contains hazards that can cause injury or death if not controlled or avoided, but new hires might not be fully aware of these hazards. Thus safety training provides the information, procedures and protective equipment necessary to prevent injuries. Taking the time to do the job correctly and being aware of their surroundings help workers make it home safe at the end of each shift. This safety training video discusses many of the fundamentals and knowledge new hires need to stay safe in their new job.

Safety Leadership An Essential Safety Element Concise


DVD Aurora Pictures 9:00 In this video, we will see how good safety leadership helps everyone make a better safety decision, while also illustrating how poor safety leadership can quickly undermine the entire safety process. Human nature tempts us to make a job easier or faster by making unsafe choices. It's important to know that safety leadership comes from everyone. Effective safety leadership must also include discipline and consistent rules enforcement from managers & supervisors. The quiet leadership exhibited by workers who always follow the safety rules also has a powerful effect.

Leakproof. 8 Privacy Principles (NEW)


Strengthen customer trust, tighten privacy policies and increase your bottom line with DuPont Sustainable Solutions' Leakproof: 8 Privacy Principles. Featuring eight guidelines given by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), this new program shows your employees how to protect customer data at all times, from collection, specification and usage to storage, security and disposal. Coastal - 19 Minutes

The Proactive Safety Committee - A Team For Success (NEW)


"As an employee, I feel good about my company and do a better job if they give me a fair say in my own safety...", says an employee whom was interviewed during this program. Use this to illustrate how to make safety committees work in your facility by get your employees involved in staying safe on the job. * Setting up a safety committee * Organizational structure * Feedback and evaluation Coastal - 14 Minutes

Public Building Security: It's Everyone's Concern (NEW)


Buildings are not as safe and secure as they once were. They are vulnerable to more dangers, including terrorist attacks. It is thus more important than ever NOT to let safety standards crumble down. Build a solid foundation of safety with this program, which examines vital building security measures to ensure the safety of everyone. Coastal - 18 Minutes

Highway Workzone Safety: The Basics (NEW)


Highway construction poses threats not only to your workers but also to pedestrians and drivers using the raod or walk ways. Show your employees the way to on-the-road safety and comply with MUTCD regulations with this informative training program. Being safety conscious Traffic control devices Slowing down traffic Detours and closures Communication Coastal - 13 Minutes

Accident Investigation: The Big Picture (NEW)


This innovative program discusses some of the most common unsafe working conditions and will help your workers explore creative solutions that prevent future incidents. Gathering facts and information Evaluating incidents Writing incident reports Coastal - 18 Minutes

Cyber Security: Self-Defense in the Digital Age (NEW)


This easy-to-understand course covers the most common and dangerous threats you face in the virtual world. It provides best practices you can implement today to help you and your company stay safer online. Every employee with online access needs to know about safeguarding your systems and networks. Just one click on a malicious link in an email or visit to a fake website can provide access for cybercriminals, risking tremendous financial loss and downtime, release of trade secrets or sensitive data, and damage to your organization’s reputation Kantola - 35 Minutes

Safety Matters: Portable Fire Extinguishers


"Get a comprehensive overview of fire safety basics with Safety Matters: Portable Fire Extinguishers. In less than ten minutes, the program describes how a fire starts, how it can be prevented and which kind of extinguisher should be used on which type of fire. The program helps employees determine when (not) to use a fire extinguisher, and identifies the five major types of fires, and the appropriate extinguisher for each. Safety Matters: Portable Fire Extinguishers covers major kinds of extinguishers, from the air-pressurized extinguishers to the dry-chemical and the carbon dioxide based extinguishers. The program also reviews employees on safety and operational practices: R.A.C.E. Method P.A.S.S. System Housekeeping and electrical safety The risk of electrocution in putting out Class K fires"

Safety Matters: Walking-Working Surfaces


Falls from both heights and the same level are continually one of the leading causes of work-related injuries and deaths. Safety Matters: Walking-Working Surfaces will inform employees about situations that can cause an individual to fall or lose their footing. In addition, the program will discuss how walking and working surface incidents happen and offers best practices to avoid injuries and keep safe on the job.

Safety Matters: Winter Safety


Every year when the temperature goes down – the risk of illnesses, injuries and incidents go up. Whether you work outside, or are only exposed to cold weather conditions on your commute, it’s important to know the risks and safe work practices to protect yourself in cold weather conditions.

Safety Matters: Emergency Action Planning


What is the first thing employees should do in an emergency? Who do they contact? What are their roles and responsibilities? Safety Matters: Emergency Action Planning gives your employees a seven-minute walkthrough of emergency response. The latest addition to the Safety Matters series, it shows employees what they—as a group and as individuals—need to do during emergencies.

Safety Matters: Strains and Sprains


Most people will experience strains and sprains at one point or another. Avoiding risky behavior and engaging in safe work practices are ways to actively sidestep the pain from these all too common injuries.