The Newcomers

The Newcomers follows the actions of five new employees as they go through their busy days. Keep score as you witness several mistakes and see the impact of those mistakes. This riveting training has a sobering twist at the end.

I Chose to Look the Other Way

This video dramatically tells the story of an employee who failed to speak up when witnessing an unsafe act.
Publisher: ATR

Think and Be Safe

In this live presentation, paramedic Martin Lesperance uses his on-the-job experienes to show that taking a moment to think and act can have a huge impact on our lives and the lives of our families.
Publisher: ATR

Safety's Most Wanted Episode 2: The accomplices

Don't be an accomplice to unsafe acts is the theme of this second episode of the Safety's Most Wanted Series. The host shines the spotline on three injury-causing culprits: the prankster horseplay, the "Get it done" cowboy and the infectious apathy are each exposed as a source of workplace injury.
Publisher: ATR

Just a Second Ago: The Brad Livingston Story

When Brad Livingston decided to violate procedures, participate in a shortcut and condone the unsafe actions of a co-worker, his world was literally blown apart in a matter of seconds. As Brad was engulfed in flames, he fully expected to die, but thoughts of his three young daughters inspired him to fight for his life. Brad humbly points out how his choices and decisions that day contributed to the death of a co-worker, life-changing injuries to himself and unimaginable grief and trauma to his wife and 3 daughters. To prevent others from making the same mistakes he did, he motivates his audience to maintain a proper safety perspective and helps them truly understand why they must work safely every day. Your facility's safety culture will improve when workers hear the lessons shared by Brad Livingston.
Publisher: ARI

Safety: It's Your Responsibility


Safety awareness is not just about rules and procedures it's also an attitude that must resond throughout your entire workplace. This program highlights each employee's personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others while covering the most common safety hazards in the workplace and the proper precautions needed to stay safe.
Publisher: The Training Network

Safety Coach: The 7 C's of Safety

After years of playing competitive sports and working in industry as a safety professional, David Sarkus took what he learked from some of the world's best boaches and used it to teach supervisors like you. His winning formula can be summed up in one easy-to-remember formula: The 7 C' for World Class Safety Performance - Coach, Confirm, Correct, Conciliate, Care, Collaborate & Clarify.
Publisher: Poastal

Small Falls are a Big Deal

In this video, Martin Lesperance recalls stories of fall injuries he has attended as a firefighter and EMT to make the point that small falls can be a big deal.

Office Injury Prevention 4690

Office workers often overlook safety issues because they just don't believe an office has any hazards; yet, nearly 40,000 office workers sugger disabiling injuries each eyar.

Office Injury Prevention 2925

In the fast-paced and sometimes high-stress environment of a busy office, workers sometimes forget about their most important work place responsibility: Their sfety.

Jeff Odies Espenship - Leading Indicators: It's the Little Things


Jeff "Odie" Espenship is a former USAF fighter pilot and one of the most sought-after safey speakers in the industry today.

Every Choice Matters


This program features interviews with those whose lives were changed forever by a workplace incident. Motivate your employees to make the safe choice each and every time with this high-impact program. This DVD includes multiple training scenes which can be played as one continuous program or used as short, impactful meeting openers. DVD - Publisher - Coastal DuPont

It's Up to Me


Like its predecessor "I Chose to Look the Other Way", this progarm is based on another popular poem by Don Merrell. Its power safety message is brought to life through the combination of program and poetry. DVD - Publisher: American Training Resources

Knock It Off with Jeff "Odie" Espenship


In this program, Odie discusses the concept of calling a "knock it off" immediately when recognizing dangerous behavior, while his friend and fellow fighter pilot Wes Sharp encourages viewers to speak up and tell co-workers to "keep off the grass" when they witness an unsafe act. DVD - Publisher: American Training Resources

Brian's Story: You Can Make A Difference


20:00 Minutes DVD - American Training Resources Jeff Bell received th ephone call that every parent fears. His son, Brian, a young man full of potential and promise, had been killed on the bog. In this powerful presentation, Jeff Bell introduces his son Brian and take the audience step by step through the vents leading to his deather and takes every opportunity to explain what is required to prevent such tragedies.

Principles to Practice with David Lynn


DVD 25:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures SO3500 Designed as an awareness level program for safety leaders and managers, the program will help viewers change safety attitudes and culture at their organizations.

How to Supervise People


DVD 48:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

Job Safety Analysis: Safety Awareness and You


17:00 Minutes - DVD - Aurora Pictures

Safety's Most Wanted


DVD - This DVD includes such topics as: Uncorrected hazards on and off the job, shortcuts and complacency. Publisher: ATV

I Chose to Look the Other Way: Three Stories of Worklace Safety


A must see if you do any behavioral-bassed matter what type of industry. Three story lines featuring a failure to follow lock-out/tagout, an employee neglecting to wear PPE and a worker choosing not to wear fall proctection. Some other safety concerns covered in the video include, supervisors, rushing, habits, shift work and intimidation. Reinforces the fact that "speaking up" about unsafe acts can save lives and help develo a positive safety culture. DVD - American Training Videos - 13 minutes.

How to Communicate Clearly & Effectively with Employees


Communicating clearly and effectively is probably the most important and perhaps most difficult responsibility of any manager. Learn how to: Deliver praise that motivates your entire staff; offer criticism that challengs employees to improve; delegate important tasks with confidence; prevent misunderstandings by improving your listening skills, and much more. DVD - The Training Network - 20 minutes

Just Another Day


DVD - Coaastal

Office Safety


DVD - 18:00 Minutes - Aurora Pictures - Office employees frequently have the feeling that since they don't work out on a plant floor safety isn't an issue in their jobs. Yet accidents and injuries in the office account for thousands of hours of lost time, and millions of dollars in Workers' Compensation and medical costs. This safety video on Office Safety shows employees what hazards exist in our office environments and how important it is to use good safety practices as they go about their work.

Safety Orientation - A New Way of Thinking


DVD - 18:00 DuPont Productions - Whether it's their first day ore their thirtieth year on the job, your employees need to know how to react quickly in order to help protect themselves and others. This DVD focuses on some of the key work practices that will help your employees work safely. Help shift and enhance employee attitudes by increasing their safety awareness around personal protective equipment, chemical safety, fire safety, lockout/tagout, back safety, bloodborne pathogens, and slips, trips and falls.

Managing the Drug-Free Workplace - Managers Version


DVD - 23 Minutes Kantola Productions - This video helps you meet mandated training requirements and provides guidance for your managers and supervisors. The widespread use and acceptance of alcohol and drugs in society has had an impact on the workplace-and created special challenges for the managers. Whether or not drug-free workplace training is mandated in your organization, managers need to know how to respond when their workgroup is affected by employees with drug or alcohol problems.

The Drug-Free Workplace: Setting the Standard - Employees Version


DVD - 14 Minutes - Kantola Productions - Use this drug-free workplace video to raise awareness of the harm that can be caused to themselves and others when employees abuse alcohol or drugs at work. This release features believable scenes in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, food service, and business. It raises your employees' awareness of this widespread problem, shows the harm that can de done to themselves and others and encourages them to get help if they or a coworker is affected by drug or alcohol abuse.

Social Media at Work


DVD - 14 Minutes - Kantola Productions - Alert your employees to online hazards and show them how to use social media wisely and appropriately. So how do you avoid the dangers of potential harassment claims, exposure to computer viruses and malware and release of confidential data and how do you convince employees that spending too much company time on social media is nut not OK?l Technology cannot be avoided - few of us could get our jobs done without it. But it needs to be used wisely and appropriately. Take advantage of this new release to make an impression on employees: "Do your own stuff on your own time and THINK before you post."

Social Media - Reduce the Risk


DVD - 21 minutes - DuPont - This course uses a storyline approach to help organization mitigate potential risks resulting participation in social media networks. This video will educate your employees about reducing risks such as revealing trade secrets and proprietary information, defamation of a company brand, failure to comply with social media policies and codes of conduct, digital harassment and other problems with social media interactions. The course can be used to accompany the rollout of an organization's social media policy or as standalone training to heighten awareness. It consist of: What is Social Media; Benefits of Social Media; Social Media Policy; Blurred lines between personal and professional lives; tips.

Accident Investigation


DVD 13:00 The Training Network When accidents happen, it's important to know why. Even when the reason seems obvious, the real cause may be more complicated. That's where accident investigation comes in. It examines the incident systematically to determine the true root causes. This information can then be used to update policies, procedures, or equipment to help make sure a similar accident does not occur in the future. This training program provides employees with the information that they need to understand the goals of an accident investigation, the process itself, and how they can participate in the process to help make their workplace safe.

Leading Indicators: The Tenerife Tragedy with Jeff "Odie" Espenship


16:00 Minutes DVD - American Training Resources. The worst aviation accident in history occurred in 1977 when two 747 jets collided on the island of Tenerife, killing 583 people. Just like hazardous situations that lead to injuries in the workplace, there were several "leading indicators" or warning signs preceding the collision that warned of impending danger. Included is an interview with Bob Bragg, the only surviving crew member of the Pan Am 747 involved in the Tenerife disaster.

Blink (Manager) (NEW)


In this Management Edition of Blink!, follow Fortune 100 back injury prevention speaker Michael Melnik as he shows you how you can train your employees on how to prepare for lifting, material handling, and back safety by doing some quick and easy stretches, called BLINKS! These techniques have helped many organizations drive down injuries and expensive workplace claims. Aurora Pictures - 8 Minutes

Drug and Alcohol Awareness


There are around 23 million illegal drug users in the country, 70 percent of whom have a steady job. Sixty-five percent of workplace incidents involve people who test positive for drugs or alcohol. Drug and Alcohol Awareness raises awareness of substance abuse and addiction, and its impact on the workplace.