Back Injury Prevention for Public Entities


Back inuries are prevalent and continue to be one of the leading on-the-job injuries experienced by public entity employees. Publisher: DVD - TML Risk Pool

Back In Action


Show your employees how proper lifting techniques and a pro-active health regimen can go a long way toward maintaining a properly aligned spine, a strong core and better qualifyt of life. In turn, these could help reduce costs in the future to individuals and your organization. DVD - Publisher: Coastal DuPont - 20:00 Minutes

PowerLift: Lifting Training that Works


Most of us have been trained to lift objects with the traditional bend your knees and keep your back straight technique, but it doesn't work. This method forces us to overuse our knees andl legs and our backs still end up bearing the brunt of the load. Dr. Michael Schaefer has recognized the flaws of the conventional lifting technique and developed a safe, easy and stronger lifting position...The PowerLift.

The Back Owner's Guide to Lifting and Stretching


DVD 16:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

Proper Lifting Techniques - Keeping your Workplace Safe


You can't rely on instinct when it comes to lifting properly. If you don't stop and think before you grab that heavy crate or unwieldy piece of plywood, you can get seriously hurt. Safe lifting procedures include: Basic guidelines for every lift; specialized and industrial loads; how to lift awkward or oversized objects; team lifting situation. DVD - Aurora Pictures - 15 minutes.

Safe Lifting


DVD - 17 minutes - The Training Network - For many employees, back injuries are something that "happens to the other person...not to me." Yet four out of five people will experience some type of problems during their lives. And many back injuries are caused by common activities experienced both on and of the job such as unsafe lifting practices, climbing, reaching etc. Topics covered: How the back works; Common types and caused of back injuries; Effects of back injuries; Injury prevention and safety practices; proper lifting techniques.

Safety Matters: Back Safety


Why back safety is important, Anatomy-Spine and back basics risk, Factors/injuries/warning signs. Prevention/maintaining a healthy back.