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Preventing Harassment: Creating a Positive Workplace (Office Version)


21:00 minutes DVD American Training ResourcesWorkplace harassment can damage relationships and destroy lines of communication amoung employees. This program discusses various types of workplace harassment and how this unwelcome behavior affects the work environment. It also explains what you should do if you are a victim or an observer of disrespectful conduct. Featured are a variety of scenarios where workers exhibit unwelcome behavior to show viewers what types of behavior constitute harassment.

Workplace Violence


DVD 10:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Employee Basic Training


Sexual harassment can affect any workplace setting and occur at every level of employment. No occupation is immune from sexual harassment. It can poison the work atmosphere and ngative impact other work who are not even involved in the harassment themselves. This video will train your employees on the subject of sexual harassment. After viewing the video they will fully understand: What is considered sexual harassment; the basics of sexual harassment law and their rights and responsibilities; an employer's responsibilities in regards to sexual harassment law; how to properly report an instance of sexual harassment; the various circumstances in which sexual harassment can occur. DVD - The Training Network - 12 minutes

Conflicts in the Workplace - Sources and Solutions


This video acknowledges common sources of workplace conflict: gossip, defensiveness, dwelling on it, bullying and assuming the worst. Then it explains solutions - specific techniques for resolving conflict. There will always be conflict in the workplace. The secret it learning to manage it successfully. Doing so empowers you to take control of your lfe and career. DVD - Kantola Productions - 17 minutes

Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach (Employee Version)


Most people know that sexual condust is not appropriate in the workplace. Yet it continues to be a problem. While some individuals persist in behavior that is obviously rude or disrespectful, even well-meaning employees can become confused when it appears in more subtle forms. When does it cross the line? This program explores the definition of "welcome" and "unwelcome" behavior. It encourages employees to speak up if there is a concern, so small problems can be solved before they get out of hand. It also shows examples of obviously illegal sexual harassmetn and sends a direct message to harassers: STOP immediately! DVD - Kantoa Productions - 25 mintues

Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach (Manager Version)


Sexual harassment can take a variety of different forms. Sometimes the behavior is obviously rude or disrescpectul and clearly crosses the line. But what about conduct that is more subtle or doesn't seem to bother anyone? As a manager, you need to know what illegal sexual harasssment is and how to take steps to prevent it from happening in your workplace. This program helps you identify problem behavior and includes advice from legal expers on how to react and when. Additionally, it provides commonsense solutions to a variety of situations that you might be faced with in your role as a manager. DVD - Kanotal Productions - 32 minues

Managing the Workplace Bully - (Managers)


Supervisors and managers are role models. When it comes to workplace bullying, you need to insist on being treated respectfully yourself and to provide a safe and respectful atmosphere for your subordinates. This video, filmed in five diverse workplaces, shows you what to do when someone comes to you for help or if you notice repeated conflict among employees. You'll learn how to step in right away and conduct effective conversations, calmly and professionally. And you'll see when it might be appropriate to reach out to help, especially if cases when discipline may be applicable. Use this program to learn how to stop bullying behavior and turn a dysfunctional environment into a healty, productive and pleasant place to work. DVD - Kanota Productions - 19 minues

Workplace Violence - The Early Warning Signs (Manager Version)


This video details the ten warnign signs that can foretell violence, provides examples and explains steps that managers can take if employees report any concerns. IT describes how an information gathering meeting can be helpful in determining the severity of the problem. And it discusses safety precautions for hoding a difficult meeting where a volatile reaction is possible. Most importantly, it emphasizes the need to get support and not try to "go it along" when dealing with a potential risk situation. DVD - Kanota Productions - 24 mintues

Workplace Violence - The Early Warning Signs - (For Employees)


Experience shows that early attention to the warning signs that foretell violence not only can make workplaces safer, but also can improve morale and productivity by minimizing fear and disruption. This video details ten warning signs, provides examples and educates employees about the importance of reporting any concerns. DVD - Kanotola Productions - 17 minutes

Dealing with the Irate Customer


Irate customers are an unfortunate fact of life. Whether you work in a commercial establishment or a bank, a government office or a medical clinic, sooner or later you will have to deal with an angry or upset customer. When this happens, it's important to be prepared. Learn how to: Control your own attitude and not take it personally; connect with the customer and show you care; ask short, guiding questions and focus on a solution; use positive language and know what you can offer. This program covers specific skills long with "Breaking Techniques" that can be used in extreme cases to help you calm the situation and resolve the customer's problem. DVD - Kantola Productions - 20 minutes

Harassment in the Workplace


DVD - 10:00 The Training Network - Harassment: What exactly does that mean? The definition of harassment is "to annoy or bother someone in a constant or repeated way:. Harassment can target almost any personal characteristic and occur between any two people including co-workers, manager, and even non-employees such as clients, contractors, or vendors. Harassment is a serious subject and employees must deal with harassing behavior in a firm and thorough manner. This video looks at common harassment situations and trains your employees how to deal with them in a professional manner.

Workplace Violence - Looking Out for Each Other


DVD - 15:00 Minutes - DuPont Productions - While mass shootings and national tragedies present workplace violence at its extreme, the truth is that most violence takes less severe forms. This DVD alerts employees to the less newsworthy but damaging kinds of workplace violence such as threats, intimidation, harassment, bullying, cyber-bullying, and domestic abuse that can lead ot more serious incidents: 1) offering a broader understanding of violence, this training program educates employees and helps them 2) Prevent violence by "looking out for each other" 3) identify the sources and causes of workplace violence 4) understand the impact of violence on morale and productivity 5) spot warning signs, including the types of threats 6) defuse potentially violent situations through "compromise, collaboration and avoidance" 7) Report potentially violent incidents before they escalate.

Sexual Harassment Training for a Harassment Free Workplace - Managers Version


DVD 19 minutes Kantola Productions - What makes this DVD unique is a sequence of original stories that convey important training points as seen through the eyes of the participants. Instead of explanations from on-screen narrators, first-hand reporting keeps the action moving and makes it personal. It provides managers with information on conducting investigations if this task falls within their job description - or how to participate in an investigation handled by a legal department, human resources or outside expert, depending on organizational policies.

Sexual Harassment Training for a Harassment Free Workplace - Employee Version


DVD - 18:00 Kantola Productions - Instead of explanations from on-screen narrators, first hand reporting keeps the action moving and makes it personal. This helps viewers internalize the content and retain lasting impressions that stay with them long after the training is over. The consequences and potential harm caused by hostile environment and quid pro quo harassment are clearly explained and viewers also learn about protected characteristics, third-party harassment, retaliation and other forms of abusive behavior.

Active Shooter and Workplace Violence


DVD 10 Minutes - The Training Network - Topics include: 1) Indicators of potentially violent behavior 2) How to respond to violent behavior 3) How to respond to an active shooter situation 4) How to react when law enforcement arrives at an active shooter scene.

Active Shooter: Helping Prevent Tragedy


8:00 DVD Aurora Pictures Incidents involving active shooters continue to be in the news. These acts of violence are becoming more commonplace in today's society, and although your chances of being a victim of an active shooter incident are miniscule, it is important your organization and your associates plan and be prepared for such an incident. Active shooters can strike where we live, where we work, where we study, where we shop or any other environment. No business or institution is immune to the potential of an active shooter attack. The purpose of this informational training is not to alarm viewers, but to enlighten them regarding some of the elements of an active shooter scenario and what they should do to be prepared to deal with such an act.

Bullying & Other Disruptive Behavior for Managers & Supervisors


DVD - The Training Network - 23:00 minutes The words "bullying" and "disruptive behavior" often make us think of how children sometimes act. But "grown-ups" who bully and engage in other forms of disruptive behavior on the job can interfere with the functioning of the workplace, disturb and threaten co-workers and even affect their health. This training program provides the information managers and supervisors need to help prevent this type of behavior in their department and deal with it when it does happen.

Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior: for Employees


DVD - The Training Network - 17:00 minutes Fear, anger, frustration, humiliation, helpfulness...these feelings shouldn't be part of anyone's job description. But they can be common in workplaces where bullying and other disruptive behaviors are a problem. More than 35% of the employees in the US say that they have worked with a bully. Bullying and other disruptive behaviors can harm workers and damage the business as well. This training program provides the information employees need to understand this type of behavior and know how to shut it down when it happens.

Active Shooter How to Survive


DVD - Aurora Pictures - 7 Minutes - All too often these days, we hear about active shooter incidents, multiple shootings in nightspots, public area and workplaces. What should employees do to survive if one of these situations takes place where they work? This safety video provides step-by-step explanations of the survival techniques that law enforcement agencies recommend to help people get through an active shooter incident safely.

Safety Matters: Active Shooter Preparedness


This video shows workers how to identify an active shooter and emphasizes the importance of every employee having a plan, being aware of his or her surroundings, and knowing the organization's emergency action plan. Publisher: DVD - Du Pont

Workplace Violence


This video covers such topics as the nature of violence, underlying causes of violence, warning signs, aggressive behavior, threats and verbal abuse, sexual harassment, physical assault, and armed assailants. Publisher: DVD - Aurora Pictures

Violence Prevention Recognizing the Threat


DVD Aurora Pictures 8:00 minutes Whether it's bullying or harassment or actual physical violence, workplace violence is something that must be taken seriously. The first step in preventing workplace violence is recognizing the potential for violent behavior in an individual before it escalates to a violent action. This program helps us understand what signs to notice in a potentially violent person. And what actions we should take if and when we feel the threat of violent behavior.

Safety Matters: Active Shooter Preparedness (NEW)


Active shooter incidents or ASIs are an unfortunate reality and a growing threat to every workplace. In order to help prevent mass casualties, knowledge and planning are critical. This program shows workers how to identify an active shooter and emphasizes the importance of every employee having a plan, being aware of his or her surroundings, and knowing the organization's emergency action plan. Safety Matters: Active Shooter Preparedness addresses how to report suspicious activity as well as how to respond in an ASI by determining when it's best to run, hide or fight. The course will conclude by mapping out what to expect and how to respond when law enforcement arrives at the scene. Coastal - 8 Minutes

Sexual Harassment: The Untold Story


Sexual harassment allegations involve many celebrities, but it belies the fact that harassment happens every day—across industries—to ordinary people. Despite its pervasiveness, many cases go unreported because of, among other reasons, uncertainty as to what actually constitutes harassment.