Choices: Safe Driving (New)

This year, approximately 3, people will die in vehicle collisions. That’s 1 today. That’s 1 tomorrow and the next day. Every Day. Distracted Driving is shattering people’s lives. Families are torn apart. Why? Poor choices. We mention choices because that’s really what it comes down, will your employees choose to obey traffic laws and operate their vehicles safely? Or, will they choose to take a chance, a chance that can have grave and long lasting effects. You can help them make good choices behind the wheel with this safety video. Topics include: Phone Conversations Texting Pedestrians Inclement Weather Drowsy Driving As well as tried and true Defensive Driving techniques relating to: Speed Limits Following Distance Intersections Aggressive Driving Anticipating Hazards & Backing and Parking

Aurora Pictures – 25 Minutes