Shattered: The Jeff Walters Story (Refresher)

This program combines testimonials, a live presentation and reenactments to reach important safety lessons! Jeff Walters, a young newlywed, was more interested in earning the respect of his co-workers than being concerned for his own safety. He saw a broken limit switch on a 19-foot elevated conveyor as his opportunity to impress his co-workers with his abilities and willingness to do whatever it take to get a job done. After climbing the conveyor without doing a lockout or wearing fall protection, Jeff fell 19 feet to a concrete floor when the conveyor started unexpectedly. In this program, Jeff talks about his poor decisions that day and how they to continue to impact him and his family. This program teaches the critical safety lesson that risk-taking is never worth it and that any supposed reward of a shortcut is only a facade.

DVD 10:00 Minutes Aurora Pictures