Stored Energy: The Hidden Hazard

This program is designed to raise viewer’s awareness about common stored energy hazards found in facilities such as warehouses, receiving areas, bulk storage areas and maintenance areas. The video explains that electrical and mechanical stored energy are commonly encountered in the work place. There are OSHA regulations, such as Lockout/Tagout that address hazards related to electrical and mechanical stored energy. However there is another, less well known type of stored energy related to the sheer weight of things in our workplaces, such as loaded pallets, heavy equipment, and bulk material such as grain, salt or animal feed. Type type of stored energy is also called potential energy. Another type of stored energy is call “elastic stored energy” which can be found in ropes and cables used to move heavy objects or equipment. Potential energy and elastic stored energy hazards are a source of a variety of serious injuries and fatalities.

Publisher: American Training Resources