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Accidents are costly. They not only cost your company in medical bills and workers’ compensation premiums, but also cost your company in down time, lost production, possible OSHA fines and decreased employee morale.

Since 1996, Safety Benefits, Inc. has been advising clients on how best to: protect employees and customers from injury, protect property from damage and minimize the cost of losses. It has been estimated that with a profit margin of 5%, $20,000 of revenue would be needed to recover a $1,000 loss.

Our primary goal is to assist clients in developing a comprehensive safety and loss control program that meets and exceeds the minimum OSHA standards. We start by uncovering existing and potential hazards in the workplace generally in the form of analyzing exposures through loss control surveys. Our experienced staff is available to help you organize and keep your safety program on track through various options such as the development of complete safety and compliance programs, to providing safety training, and/or to conducting on-site safety audits.

Safety is a top-down process that involves a commitment by top management to provide a safe workplace for employees. Our goal is to provide management with the tools and resources they need to accomplish this.

Safety Benefits is there for our clients.

Our Top Services

Accident Investigation

Accident investigation and hazard identification and analysis are key elements of any safety program. Effective investigations will identify root causes to help reduce the likelihood of future injuries. In this session you will learn accident investigation techniques to recognize and evaluate accident causes and develop corrective actions to prevent recurrence. Also, learn the benefits of job hazard analysis and how to conduct them. Length: 3 hours