Online Safety Training Courses

This safety training is available through a web-based program called NEO GOV Learn. It allows members of the SDML Workers’ Compensation Fund and/or South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance to choose from hundreds of workplace safety training topics. These online courses are a great option when assigning safety training to individual employees.

If you are a first time user please contact your entity’s safety program administrator to gain access or contact Safety Benefits, Inc. at 605-334-9567 or 1-888-313-0839 or click here to send an email.

Online Streaming Safety Training

Streaming safety videos are available on a wide range of safety topics. Because there is no need to advance a computer screen to keep the course moving forward these videos are an excellent option for group training and safety meetings.

If you are a first-time user, please click on and complete
the registration form below and send it to If
you have questions, please contact: Safety Benefits Inc.
at 605-334-9567 or 1-888-313-0839