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2024 Safety & Loss Control Recognition Awards

Safety Benefits, Inc., on behalf of the SDML Workers’ Compensation Fund and the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance, is pleased to share the criteria for the 2024 Safety and Loss Control Recognition Awards.

The purpose of these awards is to promote loss control and safety awareness and recognize the many Pool Members who work very hard in these areas.

There are three levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The platinum level will be awarded again this year, but Members do not apply for this level. The platinum award is presented to Members acheiving the gold level with a combined loss ratio (3 years; all lines of coverage) of less than 60% for each Pool to which the Member belongs.

Members can apply to receive any level award for which they feel criteria has been met, but bronze is a good place to start. Remember, this is not a competition against other Pool Members. Every Member meeting the qualifications for a level will receive an award. The same award level can be earned in consecutive years.

See below for the applications for each level of safety and loss control award- bronze, silver, and gold.

Please consider participating in the 2024 Safety & Loss Control Recognition Awards Program!

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